Change is coming at us, whether we realise it, accept it or acknowledge it. We can dodge it, ignore it, or run from it only for so long, but change has a habit of catching us up and running us off the road – exposing our blind spots, anxiety, procrastination. The inevitable collision, the wreck, writing us off, so to speak, but in the process restarting, rebooting, remaking us.

In her own unique way, Agata reminds us all that personal power is our birthright and challenges the concept of empowerment as a limiting idea that actually holds us back. Along the way, Agata shares stories, catalysts, reasons, strategies & tactics for bringing and dealing with change.

Change Portarlington

GATHERING FOR CHANGE is a group coaching program now available in Geelong & the Bellarine exploring strategies, reasons and tactics for change.

Using laughter, stress reduction, goal setting & motivation to energise, make ready for change, and make change happen.

Facilitated by Agata, from Lighten.

Duration: 5 Sessions – Each Sunday for 5 Weeks
Date: 17 July to 14 August, 2016
Time: 10.00am-12.30pm
Cost: $250

I have tried to give you the tools that you need to start to improve your memory, attention, moods, and overall zest for life with aerobic and intentional exercise that will serve to kick-start your brain plasticity. What you do with that brain plasticity, including exactly how you apply it to different parts of your life, will be your own personal and unique creation.

Wendy Suzuki

Author, Healthy Brain, Happy Life

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