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Gathering For Change

There’s a lot of talk these days about empowerment.

Talk about who can guide it, give it, reveal it. A lot of double talk.

Luckily, the truth is always there when you need it. And the truth is, YOU already have the power – the freely given, inborn, innate power we all claimed as our birthright when we first burst into the arms of the unknown.

Before thought, when the only way we knew was forward, we pushed, we learned, we grew, we rose.

You are a force of nature. The raw power of the human spirit IS – it needs no introduction, no channel, no intermediary to connect you – you were born into the grid of life.

Small Change Makes Lots of Sense!

Thankfully, there’s talk of a different kind happening right here in Geelong. Instead of empty-promises talk, this is the getting-it-off-your-chest kind. Sharing talk. Supporting, uplifting talk.

GATHERING FOR CHANGE is a group coaching program now available in Geelong & the Bellarine exploring strategies, reasons and tactics for change.

Using laughter, stress reduction, goal setting & motivation to energise, make ready for change, and make change happen.

Facilitated by Agata, from Lighten.

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Agata Commisso

Agata Commisso

Agata is a certified trainer, wellness practitioner, laughter coach & neuroscience enthusiast with over 10 years experience in community education. For several years Agata lived and traveled broadly overseas and her love of culture, food and language enables her to connect with people from all walks of life. As a natural communicator with a trademark bubbly personality Agata’s classes always include fun, playful elements as well as valuable skills for living.

Agata’s belief in laughter as an antidote to life’s troubles extends over more than 20 years. At Lighten her work combines intentional play, laughter & movement to help clients reconnect with and develop all their abilities, rather than accept and adapt to limitations.